¿Bitcoin, illicit money?


The Bitcoin protocol is one of the protocols that provides more security, speaking in general terms, to both sides of a monetary transaction electronically confidentially. This is due to the anonymity provided by this system capable of protecting the transaction, not have a specific database user and protect hide the identity of those involved behind a code that stores only an email address to operate on must monetary system.


This creates a utility beyond what is thought by the creators and contributors of this protocol, through anonymity, illicit financing for both purchase and sale activities, this is the main but by governments to support complete this currency as their security measures facilitate criminal monetary transactions.

As an example see the attacks in Paris last year, where in a matter of hours using bitcoins is my submission as a funding currency of the transaction, which later was involved system network- Sony Playstation as a means of communication the terrorists.

These systems are overshadowed by the misuse of users and generalization of them; once again an example of how an invention can be used with completely different from those imagined his creative purposes.

In this vein, if for misuse that give some people a Bitcoin are going to be illegal, we should say that all FIAT currencies (Dollar, Pesos, Euro, Bolivar, etc.) are illegal because at some point they have been used in illegal acts.

The bitcoin system continues to grow and only time will tell at the time the total or partial acceptance by the masses.


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