Where it all started?


The bitcoin has been one of the bigger advances of digital era, threatening to change the financial and economy sector just as we know it. Since the past century sought after solutions to electronic payments in a decentralized way, that is a currency which not dependent of a government or state and for this reason was not backed up by any entity so expressing such a strong sense of privacy and control from their users. This idea was described in a beginning by Wei Dai like b-money at 1998 but was not until 2008 that Satoshi Nakamoto published an article describing the actual and famous Bitcoin, but the issue is who is or who are Satoshi Nakamoto?

The first detonating for this question was the source code of the bitcoin protocol that you might know it’s free and it can be read and modified by the convenience of any, was appraise by the masses reveling a master piece in terms of security and code level which it was considered by many as: “… Impossible to do by only one person…”

This led to many net users to revising in detail the electronic profile of Nakamoto and find out about his real origin being that his publications over the network late at night in respect to Japan and the comments in the source code were being writing in a perfect and fluid english, something that is irregular especially at the source code from bitcoin protocol, where usually the programmer use a natural language to guide and structure his own code. Lots of potential candidates were accused to be the image of Nakamoto but always were disproved by themselves, from british students till an american japanese with the same name. This question that always generated interest by the press afresh a light weeks ago where the Wired magazine published an article claiming that the australian Craig Steven Wright: “… Is the Bitcoin creator or at least he is a brilliant humorist capable to do everything so that we believe in him… ”

The source was the hack from his supposed email where was found information that points to him and his friend David Kleiman (deceased computer analyst) were Nakamoto. Hours after the publication, Craig’s apartment was registered by the australian police because of fiscal disputes which Craig was involved since many years ago, then the american magazine Wired will recognized their evidence doubts because all could have been fixed up by Craig.

Still unknown it the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, we just know that he could be out there laughing of the news sitting at a beach shore while the famous bitcoin keeps transcending his image and becoming in something so much bigger than the anonymity of his creator… or creators.

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