Your new Swiss army knife for Bitcoin


As we explained in another article like the Bitcoin protocol, though not inquire into the tools that will help you to enter and stay in this digital world.

This article mostly are for android devices, however many of these services have are multi-platform and has a version for PC and Mac.

In this post we’ll get a list that we believe will be your Swiss Army knife for the Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin Map

This application developed by Davide Gessa combines various map services to get information about bitcoin traders in your area. Use OpenStreetMap and Google Maps to locate places transaction using the protocol bitcoion around, it is a relatively new service but with a constant participation of its members.



  1. Bitcoin Core

The main protocol client bitcoin available for PC, Linux and Mac, is one of the most recognized by the community because of its extensive features and its availability in operating systems, the only but this software is that it comes to occupy a lot of space, no Yet it is highly recommended.


  1. Bitcoin Wallet

The most used app once the bitcoin in Android devices, it has a full system of security protocols to protect your wallet and ease of use as if it were a real portfolio.


  1. zTrader


zTrader is a client trade insurance for older bitcoin, able to negotiate hundreds of digital currencies in 17 different stock exchanges, zTrader has everything you need to operate directly from your Android device. Using the ability to complete negotiations with seamless, switching between markets and currencies.


  1. Bitcoin Price Checker

A fairly simple explanation precisely just what its name suggests, an easy way to check the current price of bitcoin in more than 80 international currencies, including a fairly simple widget and is one that has a very simple interface which meets their duties.

You may wonder what happens to users of IOS, at the official store of Apple devices are not in favor of this protocol from a little over 2 years in its mobile platform.



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